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Here are some photos from our Portfolio. Every ones skin will take the tanning solution differently. We recommend doing a test spray before any big event.

Our Las Vegas tanning professionals are among the most skilled and experienced in the business. Our ultraviolet light free methods are some of the most effective anywhere. There are many benefits to this type of treatment. The most important of which is that there are much fewer health consequences when compared to sunlight, or tanning beds. Over exposure to UV light can lead to significant damage to the skin, and cause premature aging. People with a very light skin tone often find it difficult to tan at all without being burned. After our product is applied to the skin, it forms a protective barrier against the sun’s harmful rays, while still letting enough light pass through so the body can produce vitamin D

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Modern sun tanning lotions block almost all of the UV light that hits them. This is a concern because our bodies use vitamin D for many important bodily functions. When a person is deficient in this area, their skin, hair, and nails can become damaged. The formula that we use protects the skin, while still allowing for the creation of this essential vitamin. People with very light skin that burns easily can still achieve a golden or bronze tone by taking advantage of our services. Once applied, no additional sunscreen needs to be applied for you to be protected. For the best results, we recommend thoroughly exfoliating the skin prior to your appointment to ensure the coat lasts as long as possible.

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Before your spray tan session, it is important not to put on any perfume, deodorant, or any type of moisturizer as they may cause an uneven appearance. After being applied, our product takes about ten or fifteen minutes to dry. We recommend wearing dark colored, lose fitting clothes to reduce the chance for rub off and staining. To ensure your tan lasts as long as possible, there are several steps that you can take. Sleeping in a long sleeved shirt is a good option. Using a tan extending moisturizer also helps. Avoiding chlorine is perhaps the most important as this chemical can cause the tan to fade unevenly.

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Spray tanning is very popular among those who perform on stage. Professional fitness models are some of our most common customers. These tans are generally applied in several coats, spread out over about three days. This is important because performing under harsh lights means every detail will be important. We can provide touchups when necessary up to an including the day of your event. Brides and wedding parties also frequent our salon. For the bride, we apply a special clear coat that will gradually shift to a darker tone. This significantly reduces the chances of staining the wedding dress. This is generally performed at least two days prior to the event to make sure that it dries and cures properly. We are the trusted Las Vegas tanning experts.

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