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Here are some photos from our Portfolio. Every ones skin will take the tanning solution differently. We recommend doing a test spray before any big event.

Our tanning Las Vegas experts have the skills and experience to deliver professional results, every time. Our unique methods and materials are perfect for those who do not want to damage their skin with harsh, artificial ultraviolet light. People who find it difficult to tan or those who burn easily can still achieve a healthy, bronze appearance to their skin. Once applied, the artificial tan acts as a sun screen, protecting the skin from damage from the sun, while not reducing the amount of vitamin D uptake as much as traditional sunscreen. All of our services are of the highest quality. Our trained professionals have a tremendous amount of experience, and are constantly staying up to date on the latest techniques and materials. We are able to custom mix out solutions to give our customers the exact shade that they are looking for. Shades often have to be chosen based on a person’s skin tone.

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A spray tan has many advantages over more traditional methods. The harsh, artificial UV light that tanning beds emit can seriously damage your tissue, and significantly increase the risk for skin cancer. Prolonged exposure to sunlight is also linked to premature aging, and an increased risk of cancer. For many people, tanning naturally is very difficult. People who have a very light complexion have less melanin in their skin. This means that light does not interact with these molecules to produce a darker tone. People like this often burn, then simply go back to their original skin tone. Other people are able to tan naturally, but the amount of time that it takes is often discouraging. The results of our treatments are immediate, and do not damage the skin. People often choose our services before a large or important event. We all want to look our best, and, now, it has never been easier. Our tanning services are performed very fast, and can easily be scheduled into a break in your day. The solution will dry after about ten minutes, and will not stain or damage clothes.

Achieve a Beautiful, UV Free Tan

Bridal parties are some of the most common customers that we see in our salon. It is especially important for the bride to be tanned at least two days prior to the wedding day. This allows for the solution to fully cure, reducing the chances of staining the gown. This also allows time for touchups. People who perform on stage and those in fitness competitions take advantage of our services to give themselves a healthy golden glow. For cases like these, we use special stage quality tanning solutions designed to look superior under the harsh lighting conditions. These tans are often performed in several sessions over a period of days to ensure that each layer has time to cure before a new one is applied. We can also perform touchups up to and including the day of your performance. Call us today to schedule an appointment with the leading tanning Las Vegas experts.

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